alabama restaurant week

Alabama Restaurant Week

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2016 Alabama Restaurant Week IsĀ August 12th-21st

Are you a foodie? Do you love trying new restaurants and staying on top of the hottest dining trends? Always up for a culinary adventure? Alabama Restaurant Week is perfect for you! This 10 day culinary event celebrates the very best locally-owned, and in many cases, locally sourced restaurants throughout the entire state of Alabama. This year, Alabama Restaurant Week runs from August 12th – August 21. This gives you plenty of time to take advantage of special menus offered by the incredibly diverse dining scene throughout the state.

Participating restaurants will be offering a special 2-course lunch or a 3-course dinner, or BOTH! All at a special set price. The specially priced dinner will generally include an appetizer, a main course and a special dessert. The lunches will include an entree and either an appetizer or dessert to choose from. There are some restaurants that will have a pre-fixed menu. Regardless of what you have a taste for, you are sure to find a new favorite restaurant that caters directly to your cravings during the celebration.

The best news?! Alabama Restaurant Week establishments will have fixed pricing for their special offerings. Lunch will run you $5, $10 or $15 and dinner will be $10, $20 or $30. Whatever you choose, you are getting an amazing bargain while trying out restaurants and food that you might otherwise have missed. This is seriously the perfect time to travel up and down the whole state, letting your tummy and your taste-buds be your guide.

The Perfect Time To Visit Gulf Shores

What more perfect time could there be to plan a vacation to Gulf Shores then during Alabama Restaurant Week? There are several great Gulf Shores restaurants participating this years as well as many more in nearby Orange Beach. You are certain to find a favorite new lunch spot or fancy dinner retreat that you will want to return to again and again on your next visits to our beautiful beaches.

If you miss Alabama Restaurant Week, don’t worry. You can set up your very own culinary tour of the area while taking advantage of our amazing off-season Vacation Deals. Regardless of when you visit us, you will be sure to find the very finest seafood, ethnic and good old southern cuisine everywhere you turn. Plan your trip and eat your way around our beautiful beach towns. Your stomach will thank you!

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