10 Relaxing Things to do on Your Beach Vacation

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Planning a vacation usually includes making plans for all the things that you will do once you arrive at your destination. Planning a beach vacation frequently involves none of that! After all, what is there exactly to do on a beach?

Modern life is filled with family, work, commuting, school, volunteering and other activities from which, now and then, people really need a break. For many of us, vacation and vacation planning adds up to more work, more planning when in the end, we really need a bit of rest and relaxation. And that is a major benefit of a beach vacation…. other than getting to the ocean-front, there really isn’t that much to plan for.

What is There to do on the Beach?

There are many benefits to a beach vacation that you can’t get on many other types of escapes. Although these can be easily overlooked, here is our top ten list of things our guests enjoy about their beach vacations

1. Talking

Seriously… the time we spend with family and loved ones is often focused on accomplishment of some goal, achievement of some objective or other highly focused activity. On the beach, dreaming and fun take the place of pressure-filled conversations.

2. Sleeping

Let’s face it! All that work managing careers and family schedules wears you out! To recover, there is nothing wrong with a good nap – or preferably several. Naps are best accomplished in a refreshing breeze with the sound of the surf in the background. Just remember the sunscreen!

Walking on the beach - especially with the kids - is one of life's great pleasures

3. Walking

Sitting at a desk or behind the wheel gets old. By 10:00 am most workday mornings, we’ve had enough. Walking to get coffee or down the block for a bagel is anything but relaxing and you probably don’t do it barefoot. Walking along the beach or into ankle-deep water is one of those particularly enjoyable activities that requires no planning and provides a great deal of rest value.


4. Swimming

What else do you do near the water? Swimming in the surf is refreshing and is not something you can do every day. And the ocean doesn’t charge you by the wave.

5. Building Sandcastles

Sandcastles - everyone can create a beach masterpiece

Some on the beach take sandcastle building to an elevated art form. For most of us, just piling up some soft, wet sand and sculpting it into something that resembles something other than a pile of soft, wet sand is highly therapeutic – especially when done with one’s kids or significant other.

6. Playing Frisbee

Frisbee on the beach can be tricky, especially when the ocean breezes are up or when the kids from the next group over decide to play along. Still, flinging the Frisbee is a great way to just enjoy the sun, sand and breeze.

7. Throwing the Football

A football doesn’t blow around in the wind like a Frisbee, but it can attract kids and other beachgoers who might just want to meet a few people and have a friendly game on the beach. Just throwing the ball around is a time-honored beach tradition.

8. Fishing

It has been said that a bad day fishing is better than the best day working. This is quite possibly true. The enjoyment of fishing has very little to do with catching fish unless you really need something for dinner and don’t want to go to the store. Time spent together in the effort or just relaxing is the real benefit to fishing on the beach.

Watching kids explore the beach and the surf

9. Watching the Kids

It is easy to forget about a child’s sense of wonder and the ability to explore new things. Parents are continually amazed at the things kids will find on the beach to look at, tinker with, play with or talk about. Watching them do it on the beach can create a lifetime memory – don’t forget to take photos!

10. Watching Everyone Else

People-watching is another long-time tradition on the beach. Families, couples, teenagers and general beach-lovers all come together each day to enjoy the sand, the sun and one another’s company. Watching them do it on your beach vacation is a wonderful escape from work and chores.

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