Football Season at Gulf Shores

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For many, this is the perfect time of year. The sea breezes are fresh, the sands are warm and…. football season is nearly here. This convergence of near perfect events occurs for a few weeks each year and allows us to build anticipation for another exciting season and to plan for how to best enjoy our fall sports.

Football on the Beach

What does football have to do with the beach? If you think about it, the game of football is best enjoyed with family and friends. So is going to the beach. Each game is its own holiday of sorts and hitting the beach is a treat. Gathering with friends from college or family members is always enjoyable. But when these gatherings take place somewhere special, it can be even better!

Football parties go naturally with a weekend escape with friends. So why not take your football gathering on a road trip this year? To help, here are some reasons – if you really needed any – to inspire your friends to join you at Gulf Shores for your favorite game.

No Driving

We all drive too much. Eliminate the time behind the wheel and really allow your guests the opportunity to relax and do something fun!

Kicking the Ball AroundKicking the Football around on the beach is as American as the 4th of July!

We don’t do enough of this. Find the old football in the garage and dig out the bicycle pump to put air back into it. Then take the thing to the beach! When was the last time you just went out to throw the ball? Kids of course love this, but don’t leave the adults out of the activity. The beach is the perfect place for throwing and kicking the old ball around.

Going for that Long Walk

Just plain walking is something many of us just don’t do as much as we should. Even when the air starts to cool, walking along the beach with an old friend is special. Finding the time and opportunity to do it is difficult.


Cooking up a pot of something special during football season always adds to the enjoyment of each game.

During the week, cooking is often a chore. A weekend gathering is another matter! This is an opportunity to haul out some old recipes, put some of your secret chili or spicy shrimp jambalaya in the pot and treat your friends to something distinctive. Food always brings people together. Food and Football is a “can’t miss” way to re-connect with people you care about.

Watching the Game

Of course, the actual game is enjoyable to watch together. And many of us treat the television environment as if we were at the stadium.

Après-Game Festivities

Winning the game is always better, but regardless of the score, not having to drive home afterwards is one huge benefit of gathering at Gulf Shores. And with the beach close by, one can always take the festivities to the water’s edge – which is something most of us can’t do at home.

So, re-check your favorite team’s schedule for this fall and find a great game that would be fun to watch with your favorite pack of people. Then check our available properties to find the perfect place to gather and book online. We look forward to seeing you this fall!

Check your schedules and make your reservations soon!

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