Welcome to Fall at Gulf Shores!

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Autumn is Wonderful at Martinique on the Gulf

With all the kids back in school, the beach takes on a much more relaxed and uncrowded atmosphere. Fall is a perfect time to take a book and a beach chair and spend all day by the water. If you like a little more activity to your vacation, there is a lot to do and see. From zip lining to shopping, there is something for each visitor to enjoy.

If you needed any more reasons to visit us during the fall, here are a few of our favorites:

Great Weather!Fall at Gulf Shores provides a wonderful time to just relax on the beach

After a long hot summer, it would be difficult to get excited about more hot weather! Fortunately, average high temepratures in September range into the upper 80s after Labor Day and decline to the mid-70s by the end of October. These are quite possibly the best temperatures to have when visiting the beach; warm enough to relax, but cool enough to be comfortable.

New Things to Try

Many of our guests enjoy adding a new activity to their schedule each trip. The more ambitious among our visitors try things like zip lining over the dunes or driving the go karts! There are even two-seater go karts for those that don’t want to ride alone. Having trouble deciding what to do? Contact us at 855-858-6950 for help deciding!

Traditional Gulf Shores Beach Activities

What is the most fun thing you can do on the beach? Well… one of the most fun things is “nothing!” A good nap on the beach or spending time with a good book constitutes the day’s objective for many visitors. With a less crowded fall season, it is very easy to relax and unwind while listening to the sounds of the waves.


There is always a lot going on at Gulf Shores this fall. Special events run through most of the autumn season. These provide an extra reason to schedule a fall vacation. Here are some of the great events already on the schedule for this fall:

• Green Day concert September 6
• Coastal Triathlon –
• Wharf Uncorked – September 14 – 16
• Eric Church concert– Holdin’ My Own Tour – Sept. 16
• National Shrimp Festival – Oct. 12 – 15
• German Sausage Festival – Oct. 28
• Oyster Cook-Off & Craft Beer weekend at the Hangout Nov. 3 – 4
• World Food Championships Nov. 5 – 16

Check the websites for each of these events, then book your stay!

Specials and Deals on Fall Vacation Rentals!

Topping off the reasons to visit Gulf Shores this fall are the special deals offered to Martinique guests. Ranging from free nights to price discounts on certain properties, you are certain to find the perfect rental for an autumn vacation.

Still have questions? Contact us at 855-858-6950 for help, recommendations and assistance in arranging your perfect fall vacation to Gulf Shores.

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