Top Gulf Shores Dolphin Cruises

Dolphin Cruise

Gulf Shores dolphin cruise is an awesome way to see dolphins up close and personal. Experienced charter boat captains will get you close to all of the dolphin action. The captains know the common hangouts of the dolphins, and they know all sorts of facts about dolphin habitats and behaviour. Alabama has nine different species of dolphins, with the Bottlenose variety being the most common, so you’re sure to see plenty of dolphin action! Follow our Gulf Shores dolphin cruise guide to get the most out of your adventure!

Book Your Dolphin Cruise

When booking your dolphin cruise in Gulf Shores, it’s important that you hire the right charter. This will make sure that you and anyone you’re with will have the best possible experience on the water. The right charter will have a knowledgeable captain that knows where to find dolphins at any time of day during any point throughout the year. You also want a comfortable boat that’ll take you out to sea in comfort and style. So which charter is right for you?

Dolphin Cruise Deals

Hudson Marina offers a Gulf Shores dolphin charter that is straightforward, and they get the job done. At a price of only $15, this 1.5-hour dolphin cruise is hard to beat price-wise. You’ll embark on a 65-foot boat that is spacious, comfortable, and has a snack bar that serves soft drinks, adult beverages, and snacks of course. This cruise is cool, casual, and practically a guarantee that you’ll see dolphins. Their captains are totally knowledgeable about dolphin whereabouts, so you’re sure to see some Bottlenoses and some of the other dolphin species around Gulf Shores. 

Southern Rose Dolphin Cruise

Experience dolphin viewing in total comfort aboard the Southern Rose. This charter boat is 64 feet long, has an upper and lower deck, and even air conditioning. There is inside and outside seating on both the upper and lower deck. If you’re looking for comfort on a dolphin cruise, the Southern Rose is right for you. The cruises last between 1.5 and 2 hours. The boat also features a snack bar that serves snacks and cold beverages. The knowledgeable captains also guarantee that you’ll see a dolphin during the duration of the cruise! Adult tickets cost $18 while kids tickets are $15. 

Book Your Gulf Shores Vacation

Dolphin Cruises are a totally awesome experience that everyone should experience at least once, and there’s no better place to do it than Gulf Shores. And beyond dolphin cruises, there are so many things to do in Gulf Shores. From relaxing on a stunning white sand beach to visiting an exciting theme park, Gulf Shores is an awesome destination for your next vacation. Book your stay with Martinique on the Gulf for your time in Gulf Shores!

Published on Tuesday, December 27, 2022